Top 114 Software Testing Blogs - 2014

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Entry criteria

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Ranking criteria

The results

# Blog
1 Software testing help
Vijay Shinde
2 James Bach's blog
James Bach
3 Google Testing Blog
4 DevelopSense Blog
Michael Bolton
5 Association for Software Testing
6 Cem Kaner's blog
Cem Kaner
7 Agile Testing with Lisa Crispin
Lisa Crispin
8 PractiTest QA Blog
Joel Montvelisky
9 Paul Gerrard's blog
Paul Gerrard
10 Tooth of the Weasel
Alan Page
11 Test this Blog
Eric Jacobson
12 Testhead
Michael Larsen
13 Secrets of Consulting
Gerald M. Weinberg
14 Markus Gärtner's blog
Markus Gärtner
15 Magnifiant
Huib Schoots
16 Rosie Land
Rosie Sherry
17 MichaelDKelly
Michael D. Kelly
18 Maverick Tester
Anne-Marie Charrett
19 All Things Quality
Joe Strazzere
20 Tester Tested!
Pradeep Soundararajan