All 39 blogs in the Test Automation category

These are all the blogs in the Test Automation category.

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Name Author(s)
Automated Chaos Bas M. Dam
Automation Beyond Albert Gareev
Autumnator David Luu
Burdette's Test Blog Burdette Lamar
Chris McMahon's Blog Chris McMahon
Felipe Knorr Kuhn Felipe Knorr Kuhn
FrazzledDad Jim Holmes
Fred Beringer Fred Beringer
I Automate IT Nathan Bain
I. M. Testy Bj Rollison
Investigating software Peter Houghton
James McCaffrey James D. McCaffrey
Learn QTP Ankur Jain
Len DiMaggio's Software Testing Weblog Len DiMaggio
Library of Wonders Girlie Mangalo
Martijn de Vrieze Martijn Vrieze
MetaAutomation Matt Griscom
Musings of a Mad Tester Lyndon Vrooman
QA & Testing Darrell Grainger
Quality Shepherd Brian Ray
Sara Ford's Weblog Sara Ford
Seaside Testing Stephan Kämper
SeleniumSimplified Alan Richardson
Simply The Test Josh Grant
Software Testing - An Easy Way Richa Sachdeva
Software testing tutorials and automation Arvind Gabani
Stefan Thelenius about Software Testing Stefan Thelenius
Still Life Steve Swanson
Stories from a Software Tester Jeff Nyman
Test Automation For Manual Testers Alex Siminiuc
TestTalks Joe Colantonio
The Automated Tester David Burns
The Friendly Tester Richard Bradshaw
Tricky Defects Imran Ali, Adnan Mahboob
Who Tested This? Daniel A. Woodward
Working Thought Stuart Taylor Joe Colantonio Trish Khoo