About TestBuffet

Reading about software testing is one of the many ways to become a better tester. Software testing blogs are great resources, but how can a tester find software testing blogs that match his or her interests?

Our goal is to bring structure in this web of information. We gather software testing related blogs from around the world, assign them a category and rank those blogs by their popularity. This could be a good place for testers to start reading.

Which blogs are entitled?

In theory all software testing related blogs are valid candidates. Note that our database contains more blogs than the ones appearing in the top lists, but simply not every blog meets the entry criteria of the list. Only blogs that meet the entry criteria are evaluated.

How is the order of blogs in these lists defined?

For every top list a set of evaluators (e.g. Google Pagerank, ...) is selected. For each blog the scores are retrieved for all selected evaluators. If the evaluator returns no score for the blog, the blog scores 'neutral' and no score is registered.

Only blogs that reach the minimum amount of scores are withheld for the final ranking. When all scores have been retrieved, all blogs get points based on their relative position compared to other blogs, for each evaluator. Finally the average of these points is calculated which determines the final order.